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7 DAYS without exercise makesONE WEAK!

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This 8-week program includes audio classes and a 173-page workbook

Once a week for two hours, over an eight week period, your trainer Brother James B. Cox will help you learn how to change thought patterns. You practice the steps and principles during the week. The following week you review your progress, then listen to the current week's audio and work on the next assignment.

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This exercise includes the first week of Brother Cox's program. If you find it helpful and would like the rest of the program there are links to the right for this and any other of his products.

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When Amelia's parents decide to share their Christmas with a family in need, Amelia has a hard time figuring out if she should do the same. Though hesitant to join in at first, Amelia discovers the true spirit of Christmas through the stories of Mary & Joseph, Elisabeth & Zacharias, and a pair of shepherds named Sharif & Omar.

Watch the Christmas story as you’ve never seen it before, through the imagination of a young girl who discovers for herself the true meaning of Christmas. Featuring all original songs, this heart-warming musical is perfect for families of all ages.

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Now that you are warmed up and ready to exercise, we invite you to begin with some spiritual stretching here with the weekly devitional, then proceed to your workout.

Come listen to a Prophet's voice and hear the word of God...