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What are LDS abs?

To understand LDSabs let's karate chop it in half and look at the pieces: "LDS" and "abs"...

"LDS" has two meanings: It is an acronym for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While this site is not exclusive, it is created with Latter-Day Saints in mind. Also, in Latin "LDS" stands for Praise be to God forever. And in a nutshell, what better way can we praise Him than by doing those things that help us develop and grow spiritually?

Abs, or abdominals, are your tummy muscles and represent the core foundation or strength of your physical body. When we say "LDS abs" we are using them as a metaphor for our spiritual foundation or strength. So your LDSabs are your core spiritual strengths, talents and skills, and how you develop and share them with others!

"Abs" is also for "audio books." One of our initial goals was to create a library of works suitable to use as tools, and enjoyment, for those seeking to increase their spirituality. Many books available nowadays have a worldly focus and can even drive the Holy Spirit away. We want a library where you would be comfortabe letting your children wander without worrying what they might be exposed to. This will be available soon!

Do I Have LDSabs?

Now that you know what LDSabs are, you might wonder on the existence and condition of your own...

We are all born with the Light of Christ, which is “the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world" (John 1:9). Among other things is quickens our understanding and helps us know right from wrong. We each play a part in determining to what extent it grows or diminishes in ourselves.

The light of Christ will lead those who follow it to find the true gospel and the true Church and thereby receive the Holy Ghost. Perhaps we can consider it akin to a gym teacher or personal trainer.

So regardless of who you are, you do have LDS abs! Now, as to their condition...

We all have opportunities to gain additional help through things such as promptings from the Holy Ghost, baptism of fire, and The Second Comforter. These might be something akin to coaches and trainers for Olympians and professional athletes.

Our purpose is to provide opportunities and tools for you to use in making the most of your spiritual workouts. Whether you have been a lifelong couch potato, so to speak, or a spiritual Larry Scott, we are here to help get your LDS abs 6-pack ripped!