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New Exercise Equipment!

Online bookstore opening soon

We thank you who have visited and shared this site with others.

We are an online gym, but for spiritual fitness, so no burning abs from too many crunches! We continually look for and add familiar, user-friendly tools, certain to produce results.

We are acquiring new equipment for the Exercise Floor, so to speak. In our effort to bring you more content and offer more tools for improving spiritual fitness, we'll soon be opening an online audio book store! There will be free content, books you can purchase, and a subscriber program with monthly credits and additional books at discount prices.

Our goal is for the book store to be open in early 2016, so check back often for updates on our progress.

Bulletin Board

  • 8Jun

    VidAngel and Disney are back in court today, and it is available to watch live! VidAngel is trying to protect the ability for viewers to be able to exclude content from movies and shows they watch.
  • 8Jun

    Watch NFL player Bryan Schwartz and his family demonstrate why this is important for them, and all families.
  • 14Nov

    VidAngel is taking it to the court today to help Save Filtering and let families decide what they are exposed to when watching videos.